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About Our Firm

Davidson Insurance & Financial Services has specialized in providing the finest Life, Health and Disability Insurance Products in the Industry since 1981. 

With currently over 30 groups, covering thousands of clients throughout the United States, we design programs ranging from small groups( 2-50) up to fully self-funded National Accounts. 

Our experience in dealing with Municipalities, Private Schools and Public Corporations enables us to work efficiently with Boards of Directors and Human Resource Departments to plan for long term stability of rates and benefits. 

As members of The National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors as well as The National Association of Health Underwriters and The Society of Financial Service Professionals, we stay well informed of current Legislation and changes in our industry that would impact our clients. Being able to navigate the political seas of change is particularly important when it comes to proper long term planning .

 Our goal is to provide timely information to our clients so that they may make sound decisions concerning their ongoing insurance needs. 

In addition to Health Insurance plans, we provide: Keyperson Life Insurance, Split Dollar Plans, Executive Benefits and funding for your Buy-Sell plan. We work closely with Worksite marketing Companies like AFLAC and Colonial Life to provide specialty products through your company on a pre-tax basis

Working with Business Managers and Sports Agents to provide Disability Coverage for Professional Athletes, Actors, Producers and Directors since 1985 is one of our specialties.

Often overlooked products such as Group or Individual Long & Short Term Disability, Dental, Vision, Long Term Care and 401(k) Plans are employee benefits that round out a solid insurance portfolio.

Please contact our office today to schedule an appointment or to discuss your current insurance needs. We look forward to being of service to you.